Washington Baptist



The Washington Baptist Convention is made up of member churches

who actively cooperate in the work of the American Baptist Churches, USA,

and its regions and areas within Washington.

The Purpose of Washington Baptist Convention is to serve the cause of Christ through American Baptist churches and their Regions, Areas, and Camps.

This purpose is addressed and implemented in the stewardship of real property within its territory and fiscal resources developed and/or entrusted to it by

American Baptist churches, institutions, and individuals.





Washington Baptist Convention owns four camps:

Camp Bethel near Hoquiam, 

Camp Burton on Vashon Island,

Cascade Meadows near Leavenworth,

and Ross Point in Post Falls, Idaho.

Our camps provide Christian camp experiences for campers of all ages. In addition, our camps serve as retreat and conference centers.

Washington Baptist Convention was officially chartered in 1931, but the roots of the organization go back all the way to the 1850's with the first Baptist preachers settling in Washington, coming from Oregon Territory. 

Through the work of Washington Baptist Convention​, the camping ministries were expanded and have become the primary focus of this American Baptist organization in Washington.

You can give to the Washington Baptist Convention by naming WBC in your estate.

In addition, congregations may transfer property titles to WBC to ensure that an American Baptist ministry presence is maintained in their community

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